About Us

My name is Laura - Founder and Pet Lover!

I started this business because I had a trip planned & the thought of leaving my dog with anyone was ruining the idea of getting away. Baron came from the Humane Society & spent two months in a cage, so kenneling was not an option either. I ended up driving 14 hours each way with my dog in my car & having a wonderful vacation with him and my BFF, BUT....came to the realization that I needed other options besides hauling him everywhere & taking two days driving rather than flying! 

After this trip, Peace of Mind was born! 

A little background on me. I am a lifelong animal lover who has always been trying to do something with animals for a living. I was a dog groomer, worked at a specialty treats store, got my Animal Welfare Certification at St. Louis Community College (for fun..yes!), volunteer at the Humane Society every Sunday, but for a living I have always worked in an office staring at a computer like a lot of the rest of the world. I even have a Bachelors in Business Administration. Talk about square peg, round hole....

I have seen the sites where you pick a dog sitter like it’s a dating site. The problem I have with this scenario is these strangers are going into your house while you are away and  taking care of your “baby”. I need to KNOW these people. I need them to be insured and have background checks and responsible and, and, and.....

Dependable, Versatile & Experienced

The purpose of my business and my promise to you is that me and my extremely competent staff will make sure when you leave your pet in our hands, you do not think twice about it and trust us like we are members of your family. Depending on your family, you might even trust us more!  We want you to go to work or on vacation or whatever else takes you away & not think twice about the safety of your animals, the security of your house, etc., while you’re away.  

Whether it’s a daily walk, letting your dog out, taking care of your other critters or staying overnight at your house while you vacation, we are here for YOU! We are able to give meds and shots, water plants, get mail and even take your rambunctious pooches for runs! We are insured and bonded and all caregivers have background checks before being hired.

Call us Today!

Call us today for a personalized plan for you and your pets. We want to be a valued member of your family and bring you PEACE OF MIND while you are away!